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Introducing A Better Butter

Let us introduce you to our new, deliciously creamy plant-butter made from nutritious tiger nuts, cashews, top-shelf avocado or olive oils, and cultured with nutritional yeast. Not only is it tasty, but it melts, spreads, and bakes like a dream. 

Here at Califia Farms, we are strong believers that not all oils are equal. That’s why we never use palm or canola oils – no question.

We use whole, high-quality plant-based ingredients to give our butter flavor, body, and depth. And we do more than simply extract the oil from our choice ingredients, but we use as much of the plants and nuts as we can. Take tiger nuts, or as they’re more poetically known – “earth almonds.” Not only do we use the naturally occurring oil they contain, but we use more of the nut in the spread, as well. This means Califia Farms Plant Butter is not just fat, it’s real food.

Our mission here at Califia Farms is to return food to its original nourishing purpose. That mission is inspired by Queen Califia, a mythical warrior who defended her bountiful land, believing in its ability to nourish her people. That’s what we believe, too: that plant-based is planet-based. And now we have a butter to make your plant-based life even easier.

It’s butter for a better future, and butter for a better you.

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